Welcome to EarthWord Studios

dl clay, artist/maker

dl clay, artist/maker

Welcome to my spacedlc  - At my core, I am a poet. I use words to create story in the form of poetry. It is formed by the words I choose and how I place them on the page. Some poems take a long time to find their shape while others arrive almost fully formed. The mystery of creation.  In my art I also follow the poet’s path using texture, colour, and various materials as my words.  Here at EarthWord Studios you will find digital imagery, mixed media, handmade journals and curio (experiments & adornments) with a bit of poetry added here and there.

I am perpetually “in development” as I experiment and make choices that move me further forward in life.

As I look at my work, finished and unfinished, I see that I am telling stories about what I was thinking at the time, what was important, what moved me. This is what being a “maker” is for me. I make things & tell stories – curio, sculpture, paintings, books, poems.

This is how I move through the world.