etched tubing

copper curio

I have been experimenting with etching and colouring copper and using it in sculpture and as wearable art. For the sculptures I used a sharpie in various diameters to write on a clean piece of copper then etched the piece. The ink acts as a resist as the etchant eats at the bare copper. After […]

the forest of his heart left-view

deeper into the forest

Spring has almost disappeared. Summer is near. My project list is blooming and I have about six weeks before family arrives for beach walks and other island explorations. In those six weeks I have three projects outlined for myself that involve more digital imagery explorations, experiments with resin, paper and copper and a writing project […]

beach heart

Light Heart

My self-imposed race has slowed down. Now is a time to make things for friends and family. I’ve taken the pressure off to some degree and decided to focus on my art photography/digital imagery to see what I can create and to make a few fun things for the grandchildren in my life.  I’ll be […]

waiting hearts

the race to make

As what usually happens with me – I’ve been inspired to try out some new designs because: A.) I’m selling at a local xmas market this coming Saturday – and for some reason this makes me want to make “new” things now and B.) I saw some wonderful designs on the web and I want […]

this is what I do

introspection time

I have been thinking about what it means to “show your art”. I have found various ways to do this – in local shops that focus on hand made things, in a collective gallery, and online via my website, Facebook and Instagram. With all the showing comes introspection – thoughts about the why of whatever […]