evolutionary me

As I go through the process of thoughtful change I’ve come to some decisions (finally!) about what I do, who I am and where I’m going.  At 62 that is more important than ever.  🙂 And so I’ve decided to move all my art and writing  under the roof of dlclay.com. I’ve updated and moved my […]



I’ve temporarily closed my shop as I review my process and progress. In a few weeks I will be releasing new art & writing.  Read about my progress here. A thought from 2017 for 2018: roam

no risk no art

woman at work

I’ve been doing so much lately I’ve been forgetting to post here. I have been posting to my Instagram and fieldwork blog so please check them out when you have the time! I’ve been getting ready for a couple of shows and markets: Coast Collective Gallery’s Gifts & Wishes show begins on November 15th and […]

dog cards

Dog Inspired

There seems to be a lot going on this past month – my transition into 2017 got busier as the month progressed. On Jan. 5th one of our dogs, Bean, a 6 and a half year old pit bull cross (rescue) had some skin tumours removed. One was removed in the spring of 2016, with […]

copper tag journal


I’ve finally got some images of journals I’ve been working on and have posted some the process on instagram. It’s a long and varied process from blank canvas to bound blank pages. More are in the making…