copper curio

I have been experimenting with etching and colouring copper and using it in sculpture and as wearable art.

assembly requiredFor the sculptures I used a sharpie in various diameters to write on a clean piece of copper then etched the piece. The ink acts as a resist as the etchant eats at the bare copper. After cleaning I used a jewellers saw to cut out pieces I had designed first on paper. After all the pieces were cut and I knew how I wanted them to go together I coloured the metal with alcohol inks. I used small rivets and a riveting tool to join everything together.

My inspiration for the figures was a painting I had created called “the forest of his heart”. First I pieced together one of the ladder-like figures from the painting. I called him hero knave.

The knave and the dog in the painting made me think of the fool in Tarot which inspired me to create a hero fool complete with his dog running by his side.



hero fool hero knave



While pleased with the results, I am not sure of it’s flat look. I will keep pushing at the idea of using copper this way and see what invents itself. 🙂








etched tubingI also am etching and colouring small copper tubing to create pendants – in both horizontal and vertical styles. The etched patterns are either random doodles or repeated words. I’m fascinated by the way a repeated word can create such an interesting pattern.


Watch for pendants coming soon to the shop.

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