cut, fold, create

I’ve gone through my paper collection and have a lot of heavy text paper in various textures and pale colours. I’ve decided to use them for a series of small books/journals and so have begun the process of cutting and folding these interior papers.

sewing spineThis will be followed by cover creation – painting, measuring, trimming and sewing the signatures (folded paper) to the painted canvas covers. As you can see, there are a lot of steps & actions involved in making a blank book.

I call the journals I make “sanctuary journals” for two reasons – using a journal provides an outlet and private place to explore feelings, events, ideas etc. and the process of making the books was a way for me to “escape” and find sanctuary in the creative process.


I love to experiment with color, texture and different materials. My love of books in general prompted me to learn about book making. My sense of invention and exploration led me to develop the canvas covers of the books I make.

Overall, I like to make things. I make journals because I use journals and know other people might appreciate them too. I make copper jewelry & curio because I like copper and am in the throes of experimenting with it (bending, shaping, forming, stamping, coloring etc.) I make mixed media pieces because I want to explore other ways of expressing myself and my ideas.

Poetry in copper, paint, paper, encaustic, plaster . . .

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