deeper into the forest

Spring has almost disappeared. Summer is near. My project list is blooming and I have about six weeks before family arrives for beach walks and other island explorations. In those six weeks I have three projects outlined for myself that involve more digital imagery explorations, experiments with resin, paper and copper and a writing project that intersects one of my art projects based on this painting:

left view:

the forest of his heart left-view

The people gather to get his attention. His village, the one he built for himself, is now lost in the forest. There is abundance – of wood, of green, of growth – but there is a need for a view. To reach, climb and see the sky. To find new horizons.

My intention is to try out various stories (like the sample above) for the images within this piece and then further the stories by creating other art works (most likely sculptural) in response.

Other Developments

I will be appearing at the Sooke Night Market for 4 weeks beginning June 29th.  I will be showcasing digital imagery in the form of prints, panels and notecards as well as copper curio.

At the Coast Collective Gallery I will be presenting a “window gallery” of some of my work using the forest of his heart theme. On display from July 10th to 23rd.

Experiments are in development for mixed media, resin and copper.

I will be posting my progress here and on Instagram & Facebook.

My creative journey continues.

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