Dog Inspired

There seems to be a lot going on this past month – my transition into 2017 got busier as the month progressed. On Jan. 5th one of our dogs, Bean, a 6 and a half year old pit bull cross (rescue) had some skin tumours removed. One was removed in the spring of 2016, with clean margins and a hope the cancer would not return. In December, the cancer returned in the form of 3 small lumps on his chest. Apparently pit bulls don’t have very stretchy skin and after removing the tumours it was difficult for the vet to stitch him back up cleanly. There were small places left “open” to accommodate this issue plus a drain (white tube sticking out of his chest) His recovery was slow with daily bandage changes for 10 days and a mini-second surgery to sew up one of his gaping wounds and install a new drain. And so it went. Through all of it he was patient and loving. And he healed well! He had the last of his drain and stitches out last week.


In honour of Bean I began a series of photos and altered photos on dogs. I used him, our other dog Bekka (an almost 11 year old Airedale) and Bekka’s sister Lucy to inspire my art journey.

Below are the first cards I made:

dog cards

2 dogs wait
sleeping Bean
Miss Lucy

You can find them in the shop as blank note cards. More dog images are in development.

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