introspection time

I have been thinking about what it means to “show your art”. I have found various ways to do this – in local shops that focus on hand made things, in a collective gallery, and online via my website, Facebook and Instagram. With all the showing comes introspection – thoughts about the why of whatever it is I have made.

I go through cycles of creative output because of my multiple interests. Usually I have a few projects on the go – kind of “big picture” things where I actually have a list of goals and get things done over a period of time. At times there are also the triggered projects – I might write a poem or paint or make a piece of jewelry spontaneously.

Triggers? Sometimes it’s the simple inspiration that a full moon can bring or a glimpse of a pale and quiet ocean. Sometimes it is a newspaper headline or a comment overheard at the grocery store.

this is what I doI constantly wrestle with myself about the concept of doing “one thing”. That if I dedicated myself to one art form I could develop mastership. But somehow that doesn’t feed my soul. I want to take pictures and alter them to create mood and match them to my writing. I want to write, shape words into different combinations to create levels and layers of meaning.   I want to shape copper into curio and curious things to wear or hang on a wall. I want to paint abstract images that might speak to someone. My drive is to create – to shape, experiment and communicate.

If I distill it down my theme/vision is about “small things of beauty”. A kind of “stop and smell the roses” kind of thing. Thinking further it is about AWE. There is darkness in the world but there is wonderment as well. I want to add to the light and the beauty in my small way.  That is my wish.


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