journal variations

I experimented with canvas and various book binding techniques to create my journals.

The covers are made of painted canvas - it is primed, dried, cut to the appropriate size, then painted/patterned with acrylic paints in a variety of techniques. A clear finish is applied as the final layer to ensure durability.

I use an assortment of paper in various textures and colours: heavy bond paper in various colours for writing and a thicker art paper for artistic ventures.

To assemble the book, the paper is folded and nested in groupings called signatures. Each signature must be sewn to the cover. I make a template to help me match the sewing holes of the paper to the spine. The holes are punched and the paper is sewn in a continuous running stitch from the last signature to the first and back again.

The process of creating the journals with a variety of techniques makes each one unique. Special orders are available to suit your needs such as wedding, guest and photo books.

Latest development: charmed journals

⇒ handmade copper charm acts as decoration & book mark  ⇒ 200 pages text paper (5 signatures)  ⇒ painted canvas covers  ⇒ roughly 5.5 in. high by 4.75 in. wide or 4.75 in. high by 5.5 in wide

Charmed journals: a write place for your fav quotes, sayings, musings

Each journal has a handmade copper heart charm that acts as decoration & bookmark and have  painted canvas covers, heavy text paper (200 pages) and are sewn with linen thread.

Showing at the Gallery by Sooke Arts Council.