penny for my thoughts

pennyWorking on an online store gets you thinking (and thinking). Why did I make that? What’s the story behind the piece/photo/painting/poem? There’s always a story – it’s just that we don’t always know it until we start asking ourselves questions and going after answers.

For example – if I’m going to work with metal in terms of jewelry, why copper and not silver?

I think copper is my metal. I love the colour, the way it can morph into other colours when heated and the penny was always my favourite coin. I have a collection of them now they’re not in distribution any more. They fall into the realm of luck and superstition for me: lucky penny, penny for your thoughts . . . and I always felt lucky when I found a penny.


For me, “penny” and “copper” are synonymous.

And so I’m hammering and texturing and colouring copper into various charms, bracelets and pendants. I also want to incorporate copper into some sculptural mixed media pieces I have sketched out. The more I create, the more my story unfolds, and the more my story unfolds, the more I understand my self in the world. Not a bad exchange rate!

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