After some searching and reviewing I found a few images I had worked with when we first moved to Vancouver Island. The quail photo was pure luck- captured through a window as he surveyed the yard from our deck. The vivid yellow and green images come from a photo I took of blooming Scotch broom backlit by the sun giving the seed pod and blooms a semi-translucent quality. They’re a brilliant ray of sunshine to the eye but unfortunately and invasive species here on the island.

I reimagined the photos to add texture and give them a painterly quality. Now I’ve taken the images and created notecards and prints.

Quail 3 ways on notecards:

quail 3 ways
Four corner quail print (currently available as a print on a 4 by 4 in. wood panel)

4 corner quail

broom variations:

broom variations

More digital images to follow – working on these have inspired me and the ideas are flowing. Coming soon: “dogs I know”

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  1. I got a journal that you made that has the quail on it, and I love it! I saved it for a special trip, and now it’ll forever hold my memories of that experience.

    • Thanks. I was happy to rediscover him in my photo archives. Someone asked if I had any crows but any I’ve attempted to take have been blurry and/or too small. It’s difficult to sneak up on a crow! I’ll keep trying though. 🙂

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