the race to make

As what usually happens with me – I’ve been inspired to try out some new designs because:
A.) I’m selling at a local xmas market this coming Saturday – and for some reason this makes me want to make “new” things now and
B.) I saw some wonderful designs on the web and I want to put my spin on them.

Ordinarily I am not a heart making person – though I am heartfelt. 🙂   I wanted to explore stacking metal shapes to create pendants and so now I’ve got myself involved with shaping and taming sharp metal and committed to seeing this project through before the weekend.

I’m cutting the softer copper with metal shears and sawing the thicker brass with a jeweller’s saw and then sanding and refining shapes & edges. Then comes the texturing, the colouring (with heat and with patinas) which will be followed by the stacking – one shape on top of another (or more) to create a few pendants.

More images and thoughts to come as I refine the metal over the next few days!

 copper cutting   brass cutting   waiting hearts

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